Signia Hearing Aids – The Latest Innovative Technology

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Why is Signia Hearing Aids the Top Innovators

Within just a few years of launching, Signia is leading the industry in innovation. It has already advanced to one of the top 3 hearing aid brands worldwide!

Signia engineers are working endlessly to provide nearly invisible hearing aids that give you clear cut hearing in a multitude of environments. Signia hearing aids process a perfect balance between natural sound and speech intelligibility.

Speech intelligibility is a measure of how well someone can understand speech in given conditions; Conditions being the type of environment you are in (ex. sitting in a mildly quite home vs. in a bustling restaurant).

Now there is a new game-changer that Signa innovators have released:

Signia Hearing Aids
Pure Charge&Go X

I will continue telling you beautiful people about this new innovative hearing aid, more about Signia, and the products that Prescription Hearing provides.

NEW!! Pure Charge&Go X

It’s essential to have technology that can keep up with our lifestyles. As people are always moving around throughout their days, they need a hearing aid that can produce quality sound

You can’t afford to miss things, and now you don’t have to. You can continue your day as usual and hear all conversations without skipping a beat with the newest Signia hearing aids, Pure Charge&Go X.

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

It’s not just a fantastic Aerosmith song, but the anthem to all our lives. No one wants to miss out on what is happening in the world around them.

These Signia hearing aids are equipped with acoustic-motion sensing technology. What does this mean exactly?

There are robust acoustic sensors combined with motion sensors that link sound processing to measure more sound in real-time than ever experienced. This means they’re able to understand YOUR hearing environment and what YOU’RE doing to deliver sound tailored to YOU.

The new Signia hearing aids technology is called Signia Xperience.

Easy Connectivity with Devices, People, and the World Around You

Own Voice Processing

In addition to acoustic-motion sensors presenting you with crystal clear sound, there is another feature called Own Voice Processing (OVP).

Before, it was hard to find a good balance between your surrounding noises and your voice. Your voice probably overpowered on many occasions; with OVP, this gives a more natural hearing experience.

OVP can process the wearer’s own voice instantly and independently from other voices and surrounding sounds. Thus, giving you a balanced sound at all times.

The goal is to make your hearing as natural and best as possible, including making your life easier by having sound stream straight to your ears with Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth Connectivity

It is easier than ever now to connect multiple devices. You can now seamlessly stream sound from your TV or Smartphone straight to your Signia hearing aids.

Stream directly from your TV to no longer fail to hear what was said on the Discovery Channel (or whatever it is you fancy). No more broken phone conversations either since you can connect to your Smartphone. Don’t forget you can get down to your favorite song also!

Here is another article that I talk more about Bluetooth hearing aids.

If you find that you need to change any of its settings there is a discreet way in doing so.

Discreet Control

By downloading the Signia App (iPhone or Android), you can make any changes you find necessary. This is a discreet way to control volume or other settings.

Bonus, by using this app, you can contact your hearing care professional for assistance; This means no going out of your way for an in-office visit.

Energized for the Day like You are

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Power Cell

Rechargeable Signia hearing aids are a game-changer. Pure Charge&Go X has longer lasting power than others. It only takes 3 to 4 hours for a full charge that lasts you ALL day, including through Bluetooth streaming.

You can charge them overnight while you’re asleep. As you sleep to regain your energy, so too do these Signia hearing aids. If you are short on time, though, no worries, a quick 30-minute charge can give you up to 6 hours of usage.

The built-in power cell eliminates having to change out batteries. With no battery door, it gives a beautifully sleek design for comfort.

OneShell Design

The elegant housing can be exchanged whenever you please. There are 10 different colors that are available.

About Signia

In 2016, Signia was launched by Sivantos. Sivantos has 140 years of experience that has allowed them to bring Signia to you. Signia provides state-of-the-art technology, as well as delivers different tools and apps for customer and professional hearing providers ease of interaction with Signia Hearing Aids.

If you want to know more about the history of Signia and Sivantos, click here to “go back in time.”

Prescription Hearing Supplying Signia Hearing Aids

There are several hearing aids available for purchase:

Signia Charge & Go 7X
Signia Charge & Go 5X
Signia Charge & Go 3X

Below is a comparison chart for each of these Signia Nx hearing aids and their performance.

Comparison chart made using information collected from Signia Nx Feature Overview

*OVP stands for Own Voice Processing.
**Performance level is rated as 5 being the highest.

If you have any questions about different products and package deals, click below!

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