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Yes. Without your hearing test results our audiologist cannot program and modify your hearing aids according to your specific hearing loss. If you do not have a current hearing test please call our office to set up an appointment or take our online test to start.

1. Appointment Confirmation.

  • You will receive a confirmation call or email with the date, time, and location of your appointment. (I believe this is a call. Are additional questions asked during the call?)
  • You will receive a reminder call prior to your appointment.

2. Day of Hearing Evaluation.

  • Please arrive a few minutes early to complete a short questionnaire.
  • Bring any relevant medical records or previous hearing tests and the name of your primary physician.
  • If possible, bring a friend or relative with you. This helps our audiologist gauge how easily you understand words spoken by someone you are familiar with.

3. Case History.

  • Our audiologist will begin by asking about your hearing concerns, any symptoms, and your medical and noise exposure history.

4. Visual Examination.

  • Our audiologist will visually inspect your ears using an otoscope to check for any obstructions, infections, or abnormalities.

5. Hearing Test.

  • You’ll be placed in a soundproof booth with a large window
  • You'll be asked to wear headphones and respond to a series of tones at different frequencies and volumes. This helps determine the softest sounds you can hear at different pitches.

6. Discussion of Result.

  • Once testing is completed, the audiologist will discuss the results with you, explaining any hearing loss, its type, and severity.

7. Recommendation.

  • If hearing loss is detected, our audiologist may recommend hearing aids, further medical evaluation, or other interventions.
  • She’ll discuss potential benefits, types, and costs associated with various solutions.

8. Additional Tests (if required).

  • Depending on initial findings, our audiologist might suggest more specialized tests or evaluations.

9. Follow-Up.

  • Depending on the results and recommendations, a follow-up appointment may be scheduled for fitting hearing aids, retesting, or addressing any other concerns.

10. Feedback Opportunity.

  • Our patients are encouraged to ask questions and share any concerns they might have regarding their hearing or the suggested interventions.

No. While an in-office exam/fitting is recommended, if you are an experienced hearing aid wearer and are looking to replace/upgrade your existing hearing aids simply upload your hearing test results from a licensed hearing care professional to our website. We will ship your new hearing aids programmed to your hearing loss directly to your home and we can do follow-up adjustments through a remote fitting appointment using your Smartphone or iPad.

Yes. All hearing aids come with a 3 year warranty.

Yes. All of our hearing aids come with our “60 Day Better Hearing Guarantee”. If for any reason you do not feel the hearing aids improved your hearing and quality of life, you may return them for a full refund.

Yes. All of our hearing aids come with our “60 Day Better Hearing Guarantee”. If for any reason you do not feel the hearing aids improved your hearing and quality of life, you may return them for a full refund.

Yes. Regardless of the model or brand, we only carry the latest hearing aid technology from well-established industry-leading manufacturers.

  • Fitting Process

Yes. If you choose to come to our office for your follow-up visits after the first 60 days, there is a $50 “office visit charge” plus a $95 programming fee. We also offer our concierge service for online-only fittings after the first 60 days for a $95/online fitting session.

Yes. We only use the latest technology and unlike many other online sites we only offer products from top manufacturers traditionally sold in our office with remote adjustment capabilities.

All adjustments and modifications to your hearing aid settings can be done by our audiologist through your smartphone. You will receive full instruction on how to download the app to take advantage of this very simple and convenient service where our audiologist can adjust your settings as if you were meeting them in person.

No. You don’t always have time to schedule an appointment with your audiologist and with the TeleCare app, our audiologist can send you new settings that will appear in the chat menu where they can be easily applied.

No. You can come to our office for an in-person visit.

There are interactive lessons to help you get used to your new hearing aids. By taping on the menu “Hearing Lessons” you can find lessons assigned to you by our audiologist based on your individual needs. In addition, certain remote control functions are available with your app such as volume control changes and other settings relating to streaming devices.

The Signia Assistant is another interactive learning component of the app that has answers regarding how to handle your hearing aids so you don’t have to recall every detail discussed during your fitting appointment.

  • Shipping & Payments

No. There are no shipping charges for the initial new order. However, any subsequent shipping requests can be subject to charges and fees.

Yes. We offer financing through “Affirm” a secure institution used by companies such as Walmart and Pelton. Approval is done through our website with Affirm for added security and qualified buyers can select interest-free financing for up to 36 months. We also work with Wells Fargo Bank for additional financing options and accept most major credit cards.

Yes. If you only have hearing loss in one ear or are buying a replacement hearing aid. If you have hearing loss in both ears then we highly recommend you order a pair of hearing aid for both ears.

Some insurances do cover all or part of the cost of a hearing aid. We can check to see if your insurance plan has a hearing aid benefit.

Yes. We accept or honor most insurance plans with hearing aids benefits and will be happy to verify your coverage at the time of purchase.

Yes. If for whatever reason we need to change your hearing aid for another model there will not be a charge for the exchange if this occurs within the first 60 days. However, if you change to a less expensive model you will be credited the difference or if you upgrade you will be charged the difference in price.

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