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Our popular hearing aids models

Affordable, convienient and delivered to your doorstep

Best Budget

Resound Nexia™ 5

Starting at $1,749 per ear

Best Value

Resound Nexia™ 7

Starting at $2,149 per ear

Best Seller

Resound Nexia™ 9

Starting at $2,549 per ear

Best OTC

Jabra™ Enhance OTC

Starting at $799 per pair

Hearing care at your fingertips.

Hearing aids can be fit in our office or shipped directly to your home. We offer remote care on-demand, so whether you’re at home or on vacation you can access a licensed audiologist without the waiting room.

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Kristen providing telecare

Life doesn’t miss a beat. Neither should you.

Don’t let hearing loss keep you out of the conversation. Over the last 20 years audiologist Kristen Conners has helped thousands of customers take charge of their hearing so they can reconnect with the people and experiences they love the most.

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New and advanced noise reduction technology.

Our hearing aids filter out background noises in restaurants, meetings, and other social gatherings while amplifying speech so you can concentrate on the more important sounds, like the voice of your colleagues, family, and friends.

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Signia Charger
Signia bluetooth

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid technology.

Use your smartphone or tablet to discreetly adjust your hearing aid to any environment with an easy-to-use app or stream music and TV directly with the click of a button.

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60-Day Risk-Free Trial

Test out any of our hearing aids in your life for 60 days. If you don’t love them, get your money back no questions asked.

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Signia on ear

How it Works


    Pre-programmed to your specific hearing needs.


    For any final adjustments or support.

  • Free US shipping

    On all our products

  • 3 year warranty

    We stand behind our services

  • 60-day risk-free trial

    Guarantee. No questions asked!

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    For up to 36 months

Free US shipping on all our products
3 year warranty. We stand behind our services
60-day risk-free trial. No questions asked!
Interest free financing. For up to 36 months

Discover the next generation of hearing aid technology

Affordable, convienient and delivered to your doorstep

Best Seller

Resound Nexia™ 5

Starting at $1749 per ear

Jabra™ Enhance OTC

Starting at $799 per pair

Signia IX™ IX 2

Starting at $1,249 per pair

Phonak Lumity™50

Starting at $1,849 per pair

Pay Over Time

We Provide Easy and Affordable Financing

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You may have some questions...

Yes. Without your hearing test results our audiologist cannot program and modify your hearing aids according to your specific hearing loss. If you do not have a current hearing test please call our office to set up an appointment or take our online test to start.

No. While an in-office exam/fitting is recommended, if you are an experienced hearing aid wearer and are looking to replace/upgrade your existing hearing aids simply upload your hearing test results from a licensed hearing care professional to our website. We will ship your new hearing aids programmed to your hearing loss directly to your home and we can do follow-up adjustments through a remote fitting appointment using your Smartphone or iPad.

Yes. We offer financing through “Affirm” a secure institution used by companies such as Walmart and Pelton. Approval is done through our website with Affirm for added security and qualified buyers can select interest-free financing for up to 36 months. We also work with Wells Fargo Bank for additional financing options and accept most major credit cards.

All adjustments and modifications to your hearing aid settings can be done by our audiologist through your smartphone. You will receive full instruction on how to download the app to take advantage of this very simple and convenient service where our audiologist can adjust your settings as if you were meeting them in person.

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