Rexton Stellar Hearing Aids

Pricing is for a single hearing aid. When purchasing a left and right ear the price will be double



  • Stellar Li™ is equipped with a lithium-ion power cell that uses inductive charging, so you don’t have to fuss with tiny batteries anymore. There are no charging contacts to align so it’s simple and easy to use. Simply place Stellar Li in the charger, and in four hours it will be charged and ready to go. When you take your Stellar Li hearing aids out of the charger they turn on automatically. Even better, they stay charged for 24 hours, even if you’re using the Smart Connect Bluetooth® remote. Nothing stops Stellar Li, so you can tackle your busy day without missing a beat. Available in 80/60/40.
  • $250 to $300/hearing aid Loss & Damage fee for any hearing aid that is under warranty and is lost or damaged.


Additional information


Both, Left, Right

Performance Level

Rexton Stellar 40, Rexton Stellar 60, Rexton Stellar 80

Hearing Aid Care Package

Complete Care Package, Standard Care Package

Hearing Care Packages

Complete Hearing Care Package

This care package is $399/hearing aid. This package is unlimited service and office visits for the life of the hearing aids. The only time there are charges is when the hearing aids are out of warranty and there is a charge from the Manufacturer.

Standard Hearing Care Package

This is included with every hearing aid we sell and includes the initial basic services necessary to get started with your new hearing aids including:

  • Initial hearing exam necessary to diagnose the type and degree of hearing loss
  • Initial customized programming of your new hearing aid based on your hearing loss
  • Individualized initial fitting plus follow up appointment
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty on all hearing aids purchased from Prescription Hearing ($378/pair value)
  • 3 year one time/hearing aid loss and damage protection

Any additional appointments, programming, or services will be subject to our usual and standard charges. For online hearing aid programming appointments, you have the option to purchase individual sessions at $95 each on an as-needed basis. These online appointments do not have the additional $50 in-office fee.


  1. Lithium-ion battery

  2. Integrated t-coil

  3. Tinnitus masking and distraction

  4. Wireless connectivity, audio streaming, and remote functionality

  5. IP68 rating

  6. Smart Connect

  7. Smart Remote App compatible

  8. Bluetooth Compatible

Smart Direct App

Smart Direct App

A remote control app available for both iPhone and Android smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity to control volume, programs, microphone pattern adjustment and more.



Rexton Stellar LI Comparison

Learn More About The Process!

Prescription Hearing offers the latest hearing aid technology custom fit to your precise hearing loss and can be adjusted in our office and/or remotely in the comfort of your home or office. Click on the link below to start the process of learning more about the best value in hearing care and start your journey to enjoy all life's moments!

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