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On all our products

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Next-era hearing. Top-rated for hearing in noise. Smaller than ever. Uncompromised.

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Everything you need to hear your best
ReSound Nexia is top-rated for sound quality and hearing in noise.1 Join in conversations again and focus on what you want to listen to without missing out on the sounds around you. Hear all-around clearly and talk without your voice sounding loud or artificial to you.

So small, so comfortable
The small ellipse-shape style has soft, symmetrical lines and sits comfortably behind your ears. ReSound Nexia is so comfortable, you almost forget you are wearing hearing aids. The rechargeable style gives you all-day* power and lets you recharge them while you sleep so they are ready for your next day.

Enjoy the future of connectivity
The power to stay connected with friends and family or listen to entertainment is at your fingertips. Easily stream calls, audio and more straight to your hearing aids. Simply double-tap** your ear or hearing aids to answer calls from your compatible mobile phone. ReSound Nexia is ready for Bluetooth® Auracast™, the new standard and future of wireless connectivity.

ReSound Smart 3D app
Learn how to wear your hearing aids correctly and personalize your sound experience with the ReSound Smart 3D app. The new ‘Hear in Noise’ program helps you get the most out of any listening situation.

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Gold, Silver, Champagne (Tan), Graphite (Dark Grey), Bronze (Brown), Warm Grey (Light Grey), Espresso (Dark Brown), Black

Performance Level

Nexia 5, Nexia 7, Nexia 9

Hearing Aid Care Package

Complete Care, Standard Care


– First hearing aid from a global manufacturer to offer Bluetooth LE 5.2 and Auracast
– Sophisticated directional system with newer technology like 360 All-Around and FrontFocus that provide more processing and tools for better hearing in noise
– Full line of style options for a wide range of hearing losses from mild to profound
– Wireless audio streaming for Apple and Android, with hands-free phone calls from compatible Apple iOS devices
– New tap controls for answering the phone with micro RIE
– Smart 3D app is one of the best and the highest-rated in the hearing industry
– Unique M&RIE receiver technology option provides third microphone near ear canal
– A CROS/BiCROS system for people with unaidable single-sided hearing loss
– Wide choice of accessories to meet your individual listening needs

  • Hearing aid(s)
  • Charger (includes a battery that can charge hearing aid(s) up to three times without being plugged in)
  • USB charging cord
  • Charging brick, for plugging into a wall socket
  • Right and Left markers
  • Cleaning tools
  • Free Shipping & Returns for all new purchases.
  • Home delivery: 3-5 Business Days.
  • Loss & Damage Fee: $250 to $300/hearing aid Loss & Damage fee for any hearing aid that is under warranty and is lost or damaged.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.
  • If you have more questions, please read our FAQs or contact us.
Free US Shipping
60-day risk-free trial
3 year warranty
Interest free financing
  • Free US Shipping

    On all our products

  • 60-day risk-free trial

    Guarantee. No questions asked!

  • 3 year warranty

    We stand behind our services

  • Interest free financing

    For up to 36 months

Take control of your hearing

Buy and you'll get:
Direct streaming with Bluetooth LE Audio

ReSound Nexia connects to new Bluetooth LE Audio with compatible devices, offering the clearest sound and lowest battery consumption for all-day streaming.

Join the new world of Auracast

This next generation of assistive listening technology is being rolled out in public places globally and in everyday devices.

Hands-free calls

Stream hands-free calls from iPhone, iPad and compatible Android™ devices* directly to ReSound Nexia.

Connect to Mac computers

Use your ReSound Nexia hearing aids as a headset, now also when using a Mac computer to stream audio to your ears and take online meetings or FaceTime calls.**

  • Hearing icon
    Say goodbye to changing batteries

    Our hearing aids are fully rechargeable, lasting up to 36 hours on a single charge. In addition, each package includes a portable charger to charge your hearing aids on the go.

  • online-medicine-advise
    Face-to-face online fitting care

    Answer the incoming call from your audiologist for real-time fine-tuning adjustments in the comfort of your own home.

  • Computer icon
    Remote adjustments anytime, anywhere

    Our hearing aid app allows you to send requests for additional adjustments to your audiologists.
Say goodbye to changing batteries
Face-to-face online fitting care
Computer icon
Remote adjustments anytime, anywhere

Standard vs Complete Care

Standard Care


Our Standard Care package is the most affordable option for those that want to pay as they go.

The first 3 fitting & adjustment appointments either online are in-office during the 60-day trial period are included at no charge.

Additional online or in-office appointments after the first 3 are only $95/appointment.

All hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturers’ warranty and one-time loss and damage protection.

Complete Care

$250 per aid

Our Complete Care Package includes everything the Standard Care Package does and more.

3-Years of followup with no charges or expenses.

No in-office visit fees for the life of the hearing aids.

Resound Smart 3-D App


Quick and easy Bluetooth remote control settings for volume and sound balance adjustments

Location based hearing-save settings for you favorite locations and your hearing aids will automatically adjust the next time you are at that location

Track misplaced hearing aids

Helps you cope with tinnitus by masking it with relieving sounds

This is what happiness sounds like


Jabra™ Enhance OTC

Signa IX™

Phonak Lumity™


You may have some questions...

Yes. If you choose to come to our office for your follow up visits, there is a $50 “office visit charge” plus a $95 programing fee. We also offer our concierge service for online only fittings after the first 30 days for $95/online fitting session.

Yes. We only the use the latest technology sold by the top manufacturers with remote adjustment capabilities.

All adjustments and modifications to your hearing aid settings can be done by our audiologist through your smartphone. You will receive full instruction on how to download the app to take advantage of this very simple and convenient service where our audiologist can adjust your settings as if you were meeting them in person.

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