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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Technology all around us is continuously advancing. Likewise, hearing aids are also following this trend – Bluetooth Hearing Aids.

You can use modern hearing aids like these; they work exceptionally well. Signia offers several battery-operated hearing aids:

Signia Silk Nx7
Signia Silk Nx5
Signia Silk Nx3

The type of hearing aid you get will be based on the kind of life you live. That being said, virtually all items are equipped with Bluetooth nowadays.

Bluetooth hearing aids are revolutionary. They are changing the way we experience sound around us. Bluetooth hearing aids don’t differ in how well they perform compared to modern hearing aids. Instead, it allows you to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices for easy use.

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Benefits to Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Types of Bluetooth Hearing Aids Offered

How Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work

Benefits to Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Cell Phone Usage

I’m sure some of you have experienced this (and if you haven’t count yourself lucky) with modern hearing aids and you try to talk on a cell phone, but there is this whistling occurring. This is due to interference happening from radiofrequency emitted by your cell phone.

This causes it to be nearly impossible to talk on the phone; Though it’s not the case anymore. Using Bluetooth Hearing Aids to connect to your cell phone makes calls crystal clear.

By streaming directly to your hearing aids, it eliminates environmental noises that usually are getting in the way. Enjoy your calls at Starbucks (or another local coffee shop), on a walk, or in a noisy subway – the options are endless.

This article by the FDA gives a good explanation of choosing cell phones suitable for Bluetooth Hearing Aids and what their M ratings mean.

Watching TV/Streaming Music

Watching TV can be hard with hearing loss. Even at max volume, the conversation can seem distant or mumbled. Headphones are an alternative to watching TV or listening to music. Still, they can get uncomfortable and can be potentially dangerous.

You can eliminate the use of headphones by streaming TV or music straight to your hearing aids. Sound is more precise, and it is safer to use than headphones.

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Types of Bluetooth Hearing Aids Offered:

Signia Pure Charge & Go X Hearing Aids

All 3 of these products have built-in made for iPhone Bluetooth technology. So, for Android phones & TV users, they will require a StreamLine Mic.

Signia Charge & Go 7X
Signia Charge & Go 5X
Signia Charge & Go 3X

Rexton Stellar Hearing Aids

Each Stellar Hearing Aid also has built-in made for iPhone Bluetooth technology. Android users will require a Smart Mic.

Rexton Stellar 80
Rexton Stellar 60
Rexton Stellar 40

There is so much to choose from, go and check out the shop!

How Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work?

Bluetooth hearing aids

In general, Bluetooth helps two or more electronic devices share information or sound wirelessly. It uses high-frequency radio waves to share this information.

With hearing aids, Bluetooth slightly differs. They use what is called Bluetooth low energy, which reduces the amount of power consumed yet maintains its ability to communicate information efficiently.

Here is a video by WebMD to show how hearing aids, in general, transmit sound to your ear.

How Do I Connect and Use My Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Do not worry there are several videos to help with any questions you have.

Regulation Law Update Coming in 2020:

I talk about this a bit in a different article but wanted to go over an important fact. The new regulation law says there will be a new category of hearing aids – over-the-counter hearing aids.

With this option, customers can do their fitting, programming, and control it without a professional. This seems like a benefit but can be dangerous as well.

It is always good to seek the help of a professional. They can tell you how severe your hearing loss is. There are sounds you may not even realize you were missing. So, always refer to an audiologist – they’re the expert.

This article can provide more information.

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